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End your KPI struggles at one of our practical and engaging workshops in 2016…

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Your struggles with performance measurement are caused by bad habits you don’t know you have!

Most people – whether executives, managers, strategy or performance professionals, or analysts – struggle to do measurement well.

Most people struggle to:

  • easily find meaningful measures
  • get true buy-in to performance measurement
  • strongly align measures to strategy
  • use measures to drive improvement to reach targets

Our KPI struggles are due to some bad habits that, in the absence of a proper performance measurement methodology, have become common practice.

Put your KPI struggles behind you, with a deliberate approach to performance measurement…

Some of the bad performance measurement habits that have become common practice are:

  • brainstorming KPIs and measures
  • writing objectives and goals with words like effective, efficient, sustainable, reliable, quality…
  • ‘consulting’ people in developing measures
  • interpreting performance by comparing this month to last month

If you want performance measures that really do dramatically improve performance, you have to unlearn these bad habits. The PuMP® Blueprint Workshop helps you do that. It will give you powerful new habits that will rock your world, as it has done for thousands of people since 2000.

PuMP is the most deliberate approach we know of for ending your KPI struggles.

If you need better KPIs, you need the PuMP® Blueprint…

The PuMP® Blueprint Workshop is a rigorous and practical methodology that details how to:

  • clearly communicate goals to your team so they truly understand what they are contributing to
  • generate lots of buy-in and excitement in your team for measuring and improving performance
  • create useful and meaningful measures of performance, that people actually use and value
  • make lasting improvements in performance rather than putting Band-Aids on symptoms
  • get tight alignment of measures to strategy, and not waste effort on irrelevant measures
  • measure those intangible goals that are too important to track with trivial counts or milestones
  • streamline your measurement and reporting process to reduce cost and effort and cycle time

By learning the PuMP® Blueprint, you get everything you need to create measures that transform your organisation’s performance.

We want you to get at least a 10-fold return on your investment in PuMP® within 6 months following the workshop. You can. And that’s just the start!

You will learn the 8 steps for deliberately measuring what matters…

The PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop is a framework to redesign your performance measurement process.

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The emphasis is on practical techniques and templates, real-life case studies, and time for you to practice what you learn with support from experts.

This workshop gives you the practical know-how to:

  • make your strategy measurable and easier to communicate and cascade
  • select and design performance measures that are far more meaningful than brainstorming or benchmarking ever can produce
  • get buy-in from staff and stakeholders to enthusiastically own performance measurement and improvement
  • bring your measures to life in a consistent way, using the right data and with the right ownership
  • design insightful and actionable reports and dashboards that focus discussion on improvement
  • clearly see the real signals from your measures about whether performance is improving or not
  • convincingly hit your performance targets, and make measurement about transformation, not about blame or covering your bum!

You walk away with ‘can-do’, not just ‘know-how’…

Because this workshop is so practical, you’ll head back to work with all the knowledge, tools, experience and inspiration you need to put what you learn into immediate and successful practice.

The resources we give you are there to support your implementation, not just your learning:

  • A comprehensive workshop reference manual includes templates, examples, worksheets and checklists to help you apply what you learn throughout the workshop.

  • A case study demonstrating the full application of the PuMP® techniques, to model and inspire.
  • A CD of all the time-saving templates and tools to use with your colleagues as you involve them in performance measurement activities.
  • A bonus free membership in the online PuMP® Community, filled with extra resources to help you implement PuMP® and implement it well.

Earn PuMP® Certification to add performance measurement as a unique and in-demand skill on your resume…

The PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint is certified by the George Washington University College of Professional Studies and the Balanced Scorecard Institute.


PuMP® Certification demonstrates your ability to develop performance measures that are meaningful, aligned to strategy, implemented efficiently and focused on driving performance improvement.

After completing the workshop, you can opt to take the PuMP® Certification exam, online. You’ll have a one hour time limit to answer 40 questions, and you’ll get your score immediately. A score of 75% is needed to pass. We will send out your official certificate within 6 weeks of your passing the exam.
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Learn directly from the creator of PuMP®…

Stacey Barr, the Performance Measure Specialist, is the creator of the PuMP® methodology.

She has specialised in organisational performance measurement since 1993, and this workshop is the culmination of all her most practical learning and innovations since then.

Stacey is known for her high level of practicality, her interactive teaching style, and her innate ability to balance the technical and social sides of performance measurement.

Stacey will be your presenter for all our public PuMP® Blueprint workshops, except those held in the United States, Canada and Africa. Stacey’s team of licensed and certified PuMP Consultants is growing, to bring her performance measurement methodology to you. Registration links for all PuMP Blueprint workshops are below.

The 2-day Workshop Program is logical, practical and directly relevant to solving your KPI struggles:

Both days start promptly at 9am and will finish by 5pm. Over our 2 days together, we will be working through each step in the PuMP® methodology, understanding its purpose, how it works, looking at a case study and giving you time to practice using it to measure your own goals:

Performance measurement is a process, not an event.

We discuss the problems with performance measurement and how to solve them by thinking about performance measurement as a process.

STEP 1: Understanding Measurement’s Purpose
Fixing the focus firmly on continuous improvement as the purpose for measurement.

We start with the PuMP® Diagnostic to help your Measures Team understand what good measurement means, and how to do it properly to avoid the most common struggles and problems.

STEP 2: Mapping Measurable Results
Translating our strategy into clear, focused and measurable performance results.

We explore why it’s so hard to measure the right things, how to test if a strategy (i.e. your goals, objectives or priorities) is measurable enough and fix it using the PuMP® Measurability Tests, and how the PuMP® Results Mapping technique makes strategy easier to understand and measure.

STEP 3: Designing Meaningful Measures Choosing the most feasible and relevant measures that evidence our performance results.

We review the traditional approaches people take to selecting measures and why they fail, and then see how the PuMP® Measure Design technique produces measures that are meaningful, relevant, cost-effective and easy for people to buy-in to.

STEP 4: Building Buy-in to Measures
Getting ownership from our stakeholders, quickly, easily and engagingly.

There are some very specific reasons why people don’t buy in to performance measures which we will explore, and we’ll see how the PuMP® Measure Gallery technique can build buy-in and generate excitement for performance measurement.

STEP 5: Implementing Measures
Documenting in detail the data, analysis and reporting requirements for each of our measures.

We talk about the causes behind why so many measures are never brought to life (i.e. never get reported or used) and how the PuMP® Measure Definition technique is so useful for specifying exactly how each measure should be implemented.

STEP 6: Reporting Performance Measures
Creating useful and usable performance reports that inspire us to action.

We’ll look at why typical performance reports are next to useless, and discover how the PuMP® Report Design technique quickly and easily produces performance reports that answer the 3 questions every performance report should answer.

STEP 7: Interpreting Signals from Measures
Focusing ourselves on gaps between as-is and should-be performance.

It’s so easy to misinterpret performance measure signals, and frighteningly, most people do. So we’ll follow the PuMP® Measure Interpretation technique to make interpretation of performance measures easier, valid and incredibly insightful.

STEP 8: Reaching Performance Targets
Improving our business processes to move as-is performance toward should-be.

The role of performance measures is to improve performance more easily, quickly and economically. The PuMP® Using Measures technique shows how to use performance measures to get the highest leverage improvements.

Preparing for a successful PuMP® implementation.

We’ll close the workshop by focusing on how to start implementing PuMP® to choose, create and use your first meaningful performance measures, in a way that brings quick success.
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The PuMP® Blueprint Workshop will be your turning point in measuring what matters…

Executives, managers and other leaders set the direction and encourage the engagement of their staff in measuring and improving the right things. But they also need to be involved at the start, in setting measurable goals and designing meaningful measures. And they are also involved at the end, in interpreting and using the performance measures to prioritise improvement initiatives.

“Stacey, the workshop that you ran was revelational – truly. Simply put, the single most important question that I took away with me was a question you asked of me on the second morning: ‘What do you define as success for the organisation?’ Well I’ve got to say that question took me about two or three days to answer properly. As a result, it’s strengthened the focus in our organisation about what matters most.” — Todd MacDougall, CEO, Corcom


Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement Officers facilitate the entire process of creating, implementing and using more meaningful performance measures for managers and staff throughout your company or organisation. They will ultimately become the masters of performance measurement, and custodians of the corporate-wide performance measurement system.

“The BSC Institute just this morning informed me that they have awarded Douglas County the 2011 Award for Excellence and so much of that recognition goes to you Stacey for being my “measure mentor” for the past year plus from your self-study to last November’s PuMP® in San Francisco… I cannot tell you how many times I bring people back to your measure design model and see it work time and time again.” — Jerry Stigall, Director, Organization Development, Strategy, & Policy, Douglas County Government


Business Analysts and Reporting Officers work within specific steps of the performance measurement process, collating and analysing data and presenting performance information in reports. They need easy-to-follow measurement techniques that simplify what has become a very cumbersome and thankless task. They find it useful to see the end-to-end measurement process to appreciate the role they play in implementing a standardised measurement approach corporate-wide.

“Before I attended the workshop, I was reacting to requests for performance reports… With the knowledge that I have gained, I have created a report suite that shows our performance clearly at all levels of management and also at the process level. These reports are now used widely throughout the branch by the extended management team and in other areas of the company. The knowledge that I have gained though the workshop has enabled me to grow into my role as a performance measurement champion…” — Fiona Issel, Senior Distribution Design Support Officer, Western Power


Project Managers, Performance Improvement Officers and Consultants use performance measurement in their day to day client work or improvement projects. They want simpler steps to save time and angst in deciding what to measure, getting the data and reporting it without fuss.

“So far this training has met and exceeded my expectations! I am a program evaluator by training and specialize in data visualization. I learned about Stacey from Stephen Few at a training of his last year and am so glad that he referred me to you. This process will enhance the work I am doing right now with my clients and help them better measure their social sector organizations’ impact.” — Veronica Smith, MSEE, Managing Director, data2insight (

One of our measures of the value of the PuMP Blueprint Workshop:

Over a thousand people from around the world have attended the PuMP Blueprint Workshop, and over 89% have rated the overall value as 8 or higher out of 10. (I just noticed how many 8’s there were in that sentence 😉 )

Here are some of the very typical comments that participants provide with their feedback:

“The variety of material, case study and examples was engaging. All of my expectations were met and exceeded. Really like the approach and the product- thanks.”
— London, December 2014

“Everything I learnt is valuable and challenges the norm. Excited about getting started.”
— Sydney, November 2014

“The course content was relevant and pitched at the appropriate level. Stacey’s teaching style was also pitched at the right level for the range of course participants.”
— Canberra, November 2014

“Everything made sense and came together really well. Very well presented, informative and entertaining.”
— Adelaide, September 2014

“Eye opening and such a straight forward and sensible approach to performance management process. Will try to send some colleagues along!”
— Melbourne, August 2014

“Course was extremely valuable and I am keen to put the process into action. Well presented, great pace and plenty of presentation/learning variety.”
— Brisbane, June 2014

“Was nearly perfect! :-) Pragmatic, structured. We will be using it next week…”
— London, December 2013

“Because it really was a great training, letting me see things differently. And most of all it makes me feel enthusiastic and empowered!
— Utrecht, November 2013

“Love how applicable it is… tools to get rolling right away AND get buy-in, which is a huge challenge for us.”
— Vancouver, October 2013

“It is a complete, pragmatic and structured model to measure and improve performance. Fool proof, even I might be able to implement :-)”
— Sydney, August 2013

Best training course I’ve attended. Stacey’s experience enables her to discuss/explain very flexibly. Good practical side.”
— Brisbane, June 2013

“Extremely relevant to my role and the challenges facing my team. Right tools and clear direction.”
— Melbourne, May 2013

“You really know your stuff. Theory and practice/tasks hand in hand. Very good examples and templates. You are really engaging.”
— Oslo, June 2012

I loved the style, energy and mix of participants and yourself. All this and learning too – can’t be bad!”
— London, July 2012

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Expect an engaging, entertaining, relaxed, and interactive experience…

You can be confident we’ll take care of you at the workshop:

  • We limit the instructor/participant ratio to ensure you get quality learning and personalised attention.
  • Shortly after you register for the workshop, you’ll receive an email detailing how to prepare, what to bring, and also a link to a webpage with all the logistical details for you.
  • The 2-day workshop starts promptly at 9am, so we recommend you arrive by 8:45 at the latest, so we can personally welcome you and help you settle in. We’ll be finishing by 5pm on both days.
  • The atmosphere is always casual, friendly and interactive.
  • You’ll get a little one-on-one coaching from Stacey (and her assistant instructors, in the case of slightly larger groups) during the implementation activities.
  • Each day we’ll provide you with coffee and tea on arrival, healthy and decadent snacks and a delicious lunch (and we can cater for your dietary requirements).


Workshop fees and discounts:

Following are the fees for the 2015 PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint Workshops. All amounts are in AUD (Aussies, add 10% GST to these amounts).

Full fee: $2200AUD per person ($2420 with GST)
Early Birds save 10%: $1980AUD per person ($2178 with GST)
Group bookings save 15%: $1870AUD per person ($2057 with GST)

Group bookings are for 2 or more people from the same organisation, in the same booking.
For currency conversions, we use
A condition of registering for this event is your agreement to the terms & conditions.

Here’s how to register:

Register securely online by clicking the ‘register’ button for your chosen workshop.

A downloadable registration form for Stacey’s 2016 workshops, to fax or email back, is available here.

Stacey’s workshop schedule (Australia)

Workshop Location Dates Presenter Register
Sydney, Australia
Provided by Stacey Barr Pty Ltd
at Quay West Suites Sydney
21 & 22 September, 2016 Stacey Barr Register
Wellington, New Zealand
Provided by Stacey Barr Pty Ltd
for NZ Government Agencies only
19, 20 & 21 October, 2016 Stacey Barr Please email for a registration form
Canberra, Australia
Provided by Stacey Barr Pty Ltd
at The Park Hyatt
9 & 10 November, 2016 Stacey Barr Register


Our global PuMP Partner workshop schedule (outside Australia)

Workshop Location Dates Presenter Register
Kigali, Rwanda
Provided by Balanced Scorecard East Africa
15 & 16 September, 2016 Peter Ndaa Register
Washington DC, USA
Provided by Balanced Scorecard Institute
27 & 28 September, 2016 David Wilsey Register
Ottawa, Canada
Provided by Adura Strategy
24 & 25 October, 2016 Louise Watson Register
Atlanta, USA
Provided by Balanced Scorecard Institute
8 & 9 November, 2016 John McGillicuddy Register
Nairobi, Kenya
Provided by Balanced Scorecard East Africa
10 & 11 November, 2016 Peter Ndaa Register
London, UK
Provided by Rubica
22 & 23 November, 2016 Paul Frith Register


Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions at all about the PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop, please email us at and we will respond within 2 business days (usually much faster).

Terms and Conditions of Registering for the PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop


If during the workshop you decide to withdraw from it, and wish to obtain your money-back guarantee, you must do so either at the workshop, or in writing within 3 months of your attendance at the workshop.

Cancellation Policy

You may make substitutions at any time prior to the workshop. No substitutions can be accepted after the workshop start. Cancellations and transfers to a future course will incur a $198 service fee per registrant. Registered participants who do not attend the workshop or who cancel less than 2 weeks prior to the workshop either forfeit the workshop fee or can transfer to a subsequent workshop (one transfer only).

Program Changes

Stacey Barr reserves the right to alter dates and/or times of the workshop if registration criteria are not met or if conditions beyond her control occur. All efforts will be made to contact each registrant if changes occur. If the program is not held for any reason, Stacey’s liability is limited to the workshop fee only.

* Early Bird Rate

To qualify for the Early Bird rate we must receive your registration and payment on or before the Early Bird dates listed to the right, with the workshop locations. We want to be fair to everyone! Early Bird rate and Group Booking discount cannot be combined.

** Group Bookings

The group discount is for 2 or more people from the same organisation in the same booking.

Intellectual Property

Certification and training in PuMP® is for internal facilitation and personal use only. Any other use of PuMP® requires permission from Stacey Barr.

Currency Converter

The currency converter link provided is for a website that has no relationship whatsoever with Stacey Barr Pty Ltd. It is provided simply for your convenience only and we cannot certify nor be held accountable for its accuracy.

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