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How to Make Sure Your Targets Match Your Measures

Most performance measures or KPIs will have targets. After all, we have them to focus us on improving performance. But that focus can fracture if we don't take care in how we express our measures and … [more...]

The Essential Systems to Entrench Good Performance Measurement

Too often we assume that performance measurement depends on technical systems, like a business intelligence system or dashboard application. But for performance measurement to become entrenched in how … [more...]

How to Write Goals That Are Measurable

In PuMP we use a tool called the Measurability Tests to find out, and fix, the measurability of goals. If a goal fails the Measurability Tests, it simply cannot be meaningfully measured. But that's … [more...]

Should We Have 0 and 100% Targets?

It's so very hard to set a target for our monthly workplace injuries measure of 5. It feels like we're aiming to injure 5 employees! That's not ethical, is it? It only feels right to set the target as … [more...]

A Performance Culture Follows, It Doesn’t Lead

If your performance culture isn't very strong, if people just aren't into measuring and improving, you might think your organisation isn't yet ready for developing better KPIs. But the opposite is … [more...]

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